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Plate Compactors      
Compaction Equipment - Click on the picture to get full Manufacturer's specifications
MBW AP2000 Asphalt Plate Compactor
MBW's AP2000 
is the only vibratory plate compactor specifically designed for asphalt applications. Frequency, amplitude, centrifugal force and mass are all established at optimal levels for maximum productivity on asphalt.

Engine: Honda GX160 5.5HP
Machine Weight: 168 lbs.
Plate Size: 20" x 22"
Compaction Depth: up to 12"
Travel Speed: 90'/min.
Compaction Area: 8,550 sq. ft. / hr.
Optional neoprene paving pad accessory for interlocking paving blocks
Wacker WP1550W Plate Compactor
WP 1550W Wacker Neuson
vibratory plate features a tough, wear resistant, ductile iron baseplate offering high strength and shock resistance. This computer designed baseplate has a tapered bottom and edges for high speed and excellent maneuverability. Designed for the compaction of granular and mixed materials with some cohesive content in confined areas.

Engine: Honda 4.8HP
Machine Weight: 209 lbs.
Plate Size: 19.5" x 23"
Compaction Depth:
Travel Speed: 100'/min.
Compaction Area: 9,750 sq. ft. / hr.
Multiquip MVC82VHW Plate Compactor Plate Compactor
Multiquip MVC82VHW
3080 lb. cf, Honda GX 160, 17.7 in. plate, water tank Recognized as the industry standard for compacting granular soils and asphalt. Anti-vibration handle, Solid, high-strength steel base plate with curved edges for excellent performance and smooth turns on hot asphalt Highly maneuverable, ideal for tight, confined areas

Engine: Honda GX160 5.5HP
Machine Weight: 182 lbs.
Plate Size: 17.7" x 22.4"
Travel Speed: 72'/min.
Multiquip MVC88VGHW Compactor Plate Compactor
Multiquip MVC88VGHW
Advanced anti-vibration handle design reduces vibraqtion to the operator by 50%. Self-cleaning plate design. Four lifting handles - plate can be lifted from the side. Plastic water tank holds 3.4 gallons of water. Optional urethane plate attachment for use on paving stones.

Engine: Honda GX160 5.5HP
Machine Weight: 218 lbs.
Plate Size: 19.7" x 20.7"
Travel Speed: 72'/min.
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