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Drop Forged Steel Galvanized Steel

• Forged steel
• Hot dipped galvanized after threading
• Furnished with standard hot dipped galvanized, heavy hex nuts
• Recommended for straightline pull Only

• Failure to follow the Instructions For Use and these warnings may cause death or serious injury.
• Loads may slip or fail if proper eyebolt assembly and lifting procedures are not used.
•Afalling load can seriously injure or kill.
• Eyebolts must always be inspected for wear and distor- tion before use. If worn, distorted or damaged, discard and replace.
• Do not use regular nut eyebolts for angular lifting. • NEVER machine, cut or grind an eyebolt.
• Always stand clear of loads being lifted.

IMPORTANT: Instructions For Use
1. Make sure the eyebolt is properly seated by screwing it down completely and tightening the nut securely against the load.
2. An eyebolt must be installed into a tapped hole with a minimum depth of two times the shank diameter.
3. Make sure the threads on the shank and in the hole are clean and undamaged.
4. Loads must always be applied parallel to the plane of the eye and never across the plane of the eye.
5. Always lift the load with a steady, even pull. Do not shock load.
6. Do not exceed working load limit (WLL). See table below. The standard WLL’s are established for a vertical pull. When the load is pulled at an angle, the WLL is reduced as shown in the table below.
7. When using lifting slings having two or more legs, make sure the load on each leg is calculated based on the angular loading. The shoulder nut eyebolt with the correct WLL under those conditions must be used.
8. Use only the heavy hex nuts supplied with the eyebolts.

Effect of Angular Loading on WLL of Carbon Steel, Shoulder Nut Eyebolts
  EYE BOLTS - Forged Galvanized       
Shoulder Nut Eyebolts - Forged Galvanized Carbon Steel

Regular Nut Eye Bolts - Forged Galvanized Carbon Steel

Screw Eye Bolts - Forged Galvanized Carbon Steel

Machinery Eye Bolts - Shoulder Type

• Forged steel •Working Load Limits shown are for inline pull. • Recommended for straight line pull. All bolts threaded UNC.